Dear Friends,

A three day Hindu festival just finished.

Thousands gathered in the river to immerse themselves in the waters in hopes of seeking the blessings of the gods (1). The long structure in the water is lit up at night so they can continue their water immersion ritual in the darkness of the night.

The shrines on the street going to the river were packed with people buying flowers and flour sacrifices, again seeking to be blessed (pic 2, I was afraid to go too close to the crowd at the larger sight as they went in).

In a large gravel parking lot lived an 'untouchable' little girl (3). She has been born into the lowest of the low. The Hindu faith believes that this little girl has no hope of receiving any blessings from the gods. This is the karma she deserves due to her past life.

She lives under one of these tarps (4). Her parents have come here for the few days of the festival to beg. The devotees know helping the beggars is another form of receiving heavenly blessings.

We are here to help the church teach to the people of India that Jesus is the fullness of the blessing of the one true Lord. Receive Jesus, receive the fullness of the blessing of the one true God. Receive Jesus, receive all the gifts that came with His sacrifice on the cross which righteousness, forgiveness and be immersed in the Holy Spirit.

We don't pray, "Lord, bless me." We live in Christ in the Spirit in God the Father, continually thanking the Lord that Jesus says, "it is finished." "Receive all I have done for you, then overflow with thanks" (Col 2:6-7). Please look into the girls eyes (3) and pray.

Thank you for helping us go,

John in India

posted on April 18, 2018
Advancing Indigenous Missions 2018