By Brother B

There are now two similar buildings side by side on the campus of JBC in Southeast Asia. I first saw this site as an open field of long grass back in 2011. In early 2014, two bamboo and tin roof structures (a dorm and a kitchen) were erected and the Bible School moved from rented quarters to this new campus location. The student body jumped quickly from 30 to 50 students. The growth necessitated a very inexpensive quickly constructed dining hall and boys’ dorm, which were actually built twice within a month due to windstorm damage.

Two years ago we shared with you the story of how we prayed and committed to the Lord the desire to have a large, solid three story building for the school. We “planted bricks” in the ground during this prayer time. By God’s grace, seven months later the building on the left was officially opened for the 2016 -17 School year. Just a few months later the building was paid in full through miraculous ways following much prayer by students, friends, a women’s prayer group and a house of prayer.

As student numbers went up to 58 and then over 80 in the following year, prayer continued. A second building was needed. And so another hole was dug in November, 2017, and prayer offered for another building that only God could provide. During that same week while I was in Asia, the necessary resources had been received for this unannounced project, and the following week a desired lot beside campus became available at a greatly reduced price. A special gift, followed by the response of our Canadian friends, allowed the lot to be purchased. This time a building was built on land that was not even in the School’s possession when the ground breaking hole was dug! The second building was completed on June 15, 2018.

Now there are two miracle buildings.

Then, another blessing came. The original kitchen was never really used as a kitchen due to lack of electricity and the cost of running a generator. Talk continued from time to time about electrical connection to the grid-line, but the price and the possibility of accomplishing it was never a realistic plan. After four years of waiting, in July this year, the price came down, and the details came together. Today, the cooking can be done on campus instead of two kilometers away. Lights can remain on longer, fans can be used, and there will no longer be the need for students to miss class and drive carefully back and forth to get the food from the rented church building, which also housed a kitchen. (There was at least one accident and two worn out motorbikes over four years.) There can also be an air conditioner in the library to keep the books dry in a humid climate.

Lian and Daisy, and AIM, are praising the Lord for this place where the current crop of 79 students is studying, and they are already reaching out to their neighborhood. Forty-one graduates have spread across the nation with the vision of reaching their country for the Lord. And this is just the story of the most recent miracle of planting bricks which will be followed by the stories of the fruit of the ministry of the grads.

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Opportunity: Students seeking to study the Word and receive training for ministry typically have very few options. Most are either too poor to study and/or their families are in opposition to their new faith and are unwilling to support their Bible School studies. Therefore, most young believers in Asia need support in order to study. Support of $55/month provides for approximately half a student’s tuition needed to study at one of our partner’s Bible Schools.

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posted on November 28, 2018
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