By Brother K

Hear this. Last August (2018), a law came into effect in the nation of Nepal which criminalizes religious conversion. Believers in Nepal were uncertain of the impact it would have. Philemon Chhetri wrote to us earlier this month saying, "By the grace of God we got our Television time for another year." In other words, Philemon's registered media ministry will be able to continue broadcasting their programs on National television for yet another year despite this new law. What an amazing open door in the nation of Nepal!

Philemon came to Canada with the burden to share about the open doors in Nepal which remain until today. He recalls the time when reading the Bible openly and singing to the Lord was forbidden in the school he attended. He wondered how he could survive with these restrictions. For several decades Nepal clamped down hard on the activities of believers. In recent years, the Church has experienced much greater freedoms.

Knowing that it hasn't always been this way and may not continue for much longer, Philemon conveyed an urgency to work while it is still day. He was emotional with us in the office about the reality of perhaps not being able to continue the radio and television ministry; not because of opposition or persecution, but simply because the resources are limited.

Philemon did not share openly about these struggles but continually entrusts himself and the ministry to the Lord.

In order for Philemon to continue his media ministry they need to raise $4,500 per month. This amount covers studio time and production costs for the hour weekly television broadcast on the National channel as well as a hour weekly radio broadcast aired on 45 FM stations throughout the country.

Would you consider partnering with Philemon to help him continue to take advantage of this amazing open door in Nepal?

August 7, 2019
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