with a Focus on the Ministry of Pastor Madan
By Brother Mark

'strengthening the souls of the disciples, exhorting them to continue in the faith, and saying, "We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God."' ~Acts 14:22

It was a great surprise to me when the Lord spoke to me to embark on a venture of faith that would span many months and many ministries. I was at my first AIM Leadership Seminar, held in North India in early 2016. I had just shared a vulnerable message laced with glimpses of Godís grace despite my depravity when a few delegates asked if I could return to India for a longer time. They asked me to consider a time of doing ministry directly beside our indigenous partners. To my surprise the Lord confirmed that this was from Him. Today I look back at the completion of the plan that was birthed in my heart that day. I consider the past five months of ministry with incredible awe as I contemplate the faithful hand of the Lord on every aspect.

What would a 21 year old Bible school graduate have to offer to the hundreds of local churches that AIM supports through our indigenous partners in Nepal and India? The best ability is availability, and as I watched His strength being made perfect in my very real weaknesses. I saw evidence of our prayers making impact through my broken vessel. Countless precious saints gained confidence that God had great purposes even in their tribulations. Many pastors were challenged to teach the whole counsel of God - to not leave out the parts that can be harder to chew. I was even blessed to learn that several young men made decisions to spend their lives in ministry! On over 120 occasions I was given the privilege of opening the Word of God; it will not return void. I have been thoroughly humbled by the development of mutual respect and long-term friendships that the Lord has pleased to develop between me and many of our AIM partners. One of the most important of these relationships has been with Pastor Madan.

For the last two years I have spoken at AIM Leadership Seminars hosted by Pastor Madan, and I plan to return again next spring. Pastor Madan is a man who has been quintessentially impactful in the rapid advances of the evangelization of his indigenous people group across North India and Nepal. His visionary leadership and leadership development have spearheaded his own ministry as well as numerous loosely affiliated regional partnerships. This year I have come to know Pastor Madan in a much closer setting as I spent many weeks under his expansive umbrella of influence and leadership. Pastor Madan is equally skilled as party entertainment or at shrewd ministry strategizing. He will address the grit and grime of peopleís lives and then initiate a chili eating contest (one which that I avow I won!). Continued heckling and hostilities from his radicalized opponents only confirm that the Lord has crafted a man who is extraordinarily effective to reach this people group.

I am absolutely thrilled that this fall AIM is inviting Pastor Madan to visit our churches, homes, and families here in Canada. This time will have far-reaching mutual impact! We have many lessons about faith, visionary leadership, and the profound faithfulness of God to learn from our dear brother and fellow soldier Pastor Madan. As we continue in our mission to build bridges between the churches of Canada and the frontlines of world mission, I would heartily recommend making it a priority to come out and meet this long-time AIM partner. The benefits will be eternal!

posted on Sept 6, 2017
Advancing Indigenous Missions 2017