Manitoba Visit Ė April 27 - May 23, 2017

Update: Pastor Lian & Daisy's visit was delayed, but now the dates are confirmed. Program dates and events have been updated.

Advancing Indigenous Missions entered into a ministry partnership with Lian in 2009, two years after he began his ministry while studying outside his home country. The Lord gave Lian a burden for his people. Lian identified and appointed several leaders to begin Godís work.

A team from AIM first visited the work in Southeast Asia in 2011. Lian had organized two Leadership Seminars for local pastors, missionaries and church leaders. It was amazing to see the diverse group that gathered from all over the country from 53 different groups, churches and denominations. AIM has brought friends along to work with Lian in different parts of his country several times since that initial visit. Several thousand of Godís workers from all over the country have been encouraged in the last 5 years.

Lian works with a core group of pastors who are interested in reaching out with the Gospel in their communities. He began a Bible college to train church planters which has gradually grown to over 50 students today. They have recently celebrated their second class graduation (2017).

Lian married Daisy in 2011 and they lived in Canada while he finished his studies.

Lian and Daisy now have a son and a daughter. They have also started a care home for 10 other children upon returning to their country. The first three children that Lian and Daisy took care of are older now and are already attending the Bible college.

Pastor Lian and Daisy, AIM partners in Southeast Asia, are scheduled to visit Manitoba from April 21 to May 15.

Please contact our office for more information about their visit or call 204-957-8784 to arrange a time to connect with Pastor Lian & Daisy.

Pastor Lianís speaking schedule and your opportunities to hear about what God is doing through their work:
Portage EMC April 30     Morning Service
Kleefeld EMC May 7 Morning Service
AIM AGM (ELIM Chapel, Winnipeg) May 11 7:00pm
Evang. Fellowship Church (Steinbach) May 13 6pm (Spanish/Eng.)
Evang. Fellowship Church (Steinbach)    May 14 Morning Service
Stuartburn Gospel Chapel May 21 Morning Service

posted on March 22, 2017
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