The AIM team travelling to Southeast Asia held three Leadership Seminars with a total of 575 delegates. Pastor Lian, our key partner who organized the conferences, observed that "there is much hunger and thirst, zeal and desire in the people's lives for the Word of God, and their willing spirits for proper training has been very evident."

The conferences were held in three different regions of the country where many independent missionaries gathered to be encouraged and challenged from the Scriptures.

Pastor Lian also noted that, "the missionary pastors have been greatly challenged to work harder in relation to digging and searching the Scripture for deeper understanding to shepherd the churches effectively, and advance the Gospel in their surrounding areas."

One delegate commented, "This year our training was unique; we have been fed the solid Word of God from the Bible. If we continue to train in this way, the church will grow significantly."

The people were very much willing to learn. "Their desire and hunger for the Word was very evident. It was simply a joy and honor to be there training leaders and missionaries and pastors and evangelists and church workers young and old."

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updated on December 14, 2018
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