INDIA - NOV 2018

The AIM team conducted two Leadership Seminars in India this fall. The first Seminar was held in the far northern region of the country. It was attended by a group comprised almost entirely of 1st generation believers. Responses to the teaching were encouraging as well because it was evident that the content of the teaching was received with clarity. Roughly 170 delegates attended this Leadership Seminar.

One of the Pastors shared following the conference, "I'm so thankful to God for the opportunity to come here and learn many things from the Bible. ... I've been encouraged as a Pastor that it is my responsibility to protect my flock from false teaching and to guard the Gospel in the midst of difficulties. ... I have to become like a Paul."

The second Seminar was in India's northeast. Nearly 100 delegates attended the 3-day conference. The church in this region was basically non-existent in 1970. There has been explosive growth in numbers of believers professing faith in Christ. Pastor Kirit, AIM's partner here, has been working fervently to unify the Christians to work for the kingdom of Christ and not to focus solely on their denominations' activities alone. One of the objectives of the Seminar was to build unity in the church in order that the Gospel preaching churches would be strengthened in the mission to reach the remaining unreached in this region of India. We praise God that delegates from 5 different denominations attended the Seminar.

updated on December 14, 2018
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