An AIM team from Canada travelled to work with Pastor Lian in Southeast Asia at the beginning of November. Three Leadership Seminars were held in different locations throughout this Southeast Asian nation. Just under a total of 700 delegates attended the conferences.

At the second conference the AIM team leader commented on seeing a number of familiar faces from previous years. Leadership Seminars provide a context for AIM teams to connect with church leaders in unreached areas on an ongoing basis. We hear from our partners that the strength of reconnecting with returning delegates is that they sense a sincere love from us in making the sacrifice to return regularly to bless them with teaching from God's word.

The third conference was in a new area where an AIM team had not yet visited. Pastor Lian shared his concern with the team about some strange teaching that had become widespread in the area. Insights from the local leaders, like this, on the state of the church enables AIM teams to tailor messages to address pertinent issues that believers are facing. The local indigenous leaders are the ones with their ears to the ground and are familiar with the local context. Their leadership is invaluable for helping to maximize the impact of AIM Leadership Seminars.

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updated on December 1, 2017
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