INDIA - NOV 2017

It was testimony time following the Leadership Seminar in North India. One man stood up and said, "I have never heard this teaching on how, as a Christian, I need to treat my wife. I learned today that I need to change my behavior."

One of the speakers from the AIM team had shared from Ephesians 5. The message struck a chord with these relatively new believers. Others voiced being convicted for how they related to their spouse in light of hearing the Scripture’s teaching.

For a young church with no background in the Scripture, many teachings are brand new and urgently needed. Several delegates stood up to comment on how they were encouraged by the various teaching sessions during the three day intensive conference.

Teaching was just one element of the conference. Fellowship and prayer were other important factors that cemented relationships in this group.

This AIM team spend nearly three weeks in India in early November, holding Leadership Seminars in two different locations.

The other conference was held in India’s Northeast. Various church leaders gathered for this Seminar in the ministry compound of AIM partner, Kirit. “They have been revived and refreshed by hearing God’s word,” Kirit shared on a number of occasions.

Our Canadian team brought teaching primarily from the books of Ephesians and John during this conference.

Kirit expressed his gratitude for the teaching that the church leaders received over during the conference. He mentioned that a number of false teachers are emerging and his desire is to prepare the believers for what will be coming.

Advancing Indigenous Missions is grateful for the visionary leadership of our partners and their desire to see the church founded on the truths of God word. It is a privilege to have this opportunity to serve God’s people in this way.

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updated on December 1, 2017
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