INDIA - NOV 2019

This fall AIM sent two teams to Asia to conduct 5 Leadership Seminars. In India, two conferences were held. The first was north of New Delhi and had just over 100 delegates attending from a variety of locations throughout the northern region of India.

The hunger for God's Word was evident in the way the delegates soaked up the teaching with great enthusiasm and attentiveness.

A highlight was at the second conference in the Northeast where 88 leaders attended. There was an Evangelist who had told his mission leader on a number of occasions that he didn’t really need to pursue further Bible study because he felt that he had received sufficient training. This mission leader’s manner of leadership is to be patient with encouragement rather than having a heavy hand to force his staff to do what they do not want.

This Evangelist attended most of the 15 sessions over 5 days on the teaching from the book of Hebrews. Following the conference, he went to go talk to his mission leader and told him about his revelation during the seminar. In tears he said, “I thought I knew the Bible but after these sessions in Hebrews I realized that I know nothing.” The leader rejoiced to witness how God humbled this Evangelist. Praise God for his Word which is exactly what the indigenous leaders need in their ministry.

Thank you for your generous support to sponsor these seminars. We are planning to hold another 24 Leadership Seminars in Asia in early 2020. Your generosity makes it possible for us to welcome the missionary delegates. You can help sponsor missionary delegates by supporting our year-end matching gift campaign which is there to help us meet our remaining need (link below).

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updated on December 6, 2019
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