Winter 2017

Bruce and Elaine recently returned from leading an Advancing Indigenous Missions team in South Asia, holding several Leadership Seminars with Advancing Indigenous Missions partners Philemon Chhetri and Madan R., and meetings with Rajesh M.

They report that the first seminar was held in a church at the edge of the Chitwan forest. It is a picturesque location, the church cradled between the forest and the green meadow. In the distance are the steep rolling hills of the northern countryside. The leaders that gathered are missionaries serving under the leadership of Philemon Chhetri. This humble location is where a congregation of 180 members meet to worship the Lord. About 222 leaders registered for the Leadership Seminar. It was a rich time with the person of Jesus coming through as the central theme. There were 8 sessions over 2 days with a fair bit of praise and worship. During lunch we were able to talk with quite a few of the delegates and appeared that the messages were resonating with them. Habil, the leader in that area, seemed very pleased and was interested to see this happening again in the future.

Please pray with us for the other current and upcoming AIM Leadership Seminar ministry:

Dr. David Robbins, AIM President, recently taught at several Bible Seminaries in Indonesia with Dr. Grant Richison. On the final week in Indonesia they are speaking at a conference with approximately 150 pastors. David will then be traveling to the Philippines to teach in several Bible Seminars and will be speaking to leaders with Dr. Sadiri Joy Tira. In South Asia the original plan was to have several Leadership Seminars but, because of political unrest in the area gatherings, the current plan has been changed to at least one Leadership Seminar with 2 much smaller connecting times pending.

Keith Peters along with Andy Porter recently returned from South Asia after 3 weeks of speaking at a Leadership Seminar of 90 leaders. They also spent time in ministry at a youth camp and traveling to various parts of the country for ministry in newly planted churches.

posted on March 22, 2017
Advancing Indigenous Missions 2017