By Brother K

For many of us who have grown up in the church in the West, it is difficult to understand the challenges and discipleship needs of brothers and sisters coming out of Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, and Animistic backgrounds. A number of our partners suggest the need to bring new believers together, out of their village context for a season, to disciple them in the Word and bring them into an environment with other believers to enjoy Christian fellowship for a season.

Pastor Daniel is one of those who identified that need and by Godís grace has been able to carry out these training schools recently. From mid-September until October the 13th, Daniel brought together a group of new believers to be taught some of the foundational truths of the faith in order that they may be grounded in the Word of God. Then, on October 14th, just one day after completing the Bible training, Daniel began an intensive course on Islam and Christianity. The objective of the course was to glory in the supremecy of Jesus and to provide tools for believers to engage with their Muslim neighbours and friends.

Daniel also typically welcomes several seekers to this course and this year was no different. Mullah Aftab Anwar took part in the course and has become quite convinced by the life and claims of Jesus. Please pray for Mullah Aftab and that the Holy Spirit would reveal Jesus to him. Pray also for the other 16 students who completed this course on November 16.

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Opportunity: Pastor Daniel has a vision to run this school for two months at least once per year. The cost to host approximately 20 students for the two month period is $4000.

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posted on November 27, 2018
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