The Impact of Motorcycles and Vehicles in Ministry
By brother B

Supporting our partners in the work they do means sending resources to bear some of the burden of their needs, as well as help them fulfill some of their ministry vision that they otherwise not be able to carry out without our partnership. Sometimes it is helping with missionary support, financing Bible school needs, and covering the cost of Bibles. Other times it is helping to provide bicycles and other vehicles, allowing time-saving in getting places, and being able to carry along the tools to minister.

Over the last 10 months we have had the joy of seeing friends of AIM supply 7 motorbikes and 2 four-wheeled vehicles for our partners overseas! Let me give you the stories to illustrate what this means for ministry.

Madan's transportation needs
Our dynamic partner, Madan, the leader of a mission is working in two Indian states and southwest Nepal. He has been praying that the Lord would provide motorcycles which are needed to extend the reach of his missionaries. A number of area leaders are restricted by not having adequate transportation to oversee the churches as required, particularly in the mountainous terrain.

Two Canadian long-term friends went to visit Madan last October, and provided the resources necessary to purchase a new SUV and two motorbikes for the ministry there. The motorbikes were given to two leaders who had the greatest need. The SUV enhanced the ability of the ministry to get places in groups. When I visited earlier this year, I saw first-hand how this tool is being used to facilitate different aspects of the ministry. Students have been transported to the Bible School over 6 hours away. It is helpful for transporting supplies (like bringing donated food to the connected Bible School). The safety and convenience in bringing one vehicle instead of multiple motorbikes for a ministry tour is obvious. The extra ability to bring things like sound equipment and other supplies, and to get to places where the roads are very undeveloped and dangerous is a great bonus. This vehicle has proved useful in delivering dry goods for relief during COVID-19 as well, even though it is temporarily sidelined because local lockdowns allow no vehicles for normal use on the road.

Other Motorcycles Provided
Southeast Asia, a motorbike has been supplied to Pastor Nawl who has worn out his old one on the hills. At 67, he is still doing the hard work of reaching new villages with the Gospel. In Nepal, Pastor/Supervisor Habil is happy to be able to minister to his far flung hill churches after some months of being reduced to walking and ministering to villages near bus routes. This pastor wears out a motorbike about every two to three years because of the rugged terrain where he is ministering.

A SUV provided
In Fall 2019, Lian shared with our Canadian team that their ministry needed to have access to a four-wheel drive vehicle to replace the borrowed car they had been using. Evangelism opportunities required more seating space, and rough roads necessitated a four-wheeler. So back home we went and shared his need with a few Canadian friends. One individual made a generous donation in April and, following searching for the right vehicle and price in the private market in Southeast Asia, a Prada was purchased for under CAD$30,000.

Immediately after the purchase, Lian and his team brought a vehicle full of relief supplies to a remote area in need. Here is how Lian reported this amazing story:

Our missionary brought us to a man in her village when we arrived with some food packages. Mr. Pheo and his wife with their 6 year old boy were desperate for a miracle of healing for Pheo's loss of hearing ability, and for daily food for the family. The stay-at-home lockdown worsened the family situation as the mother could not go out to sell a few pieces of homemade mounks (bread) in the community. The church-planter in the area had befriended this family and now went with us to bring food support and share the gospel further. The Lord blessed the ministry, and the whole family received the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. The same night, the Lord healed the father from his hearing problem!

The vehicle will have many uses for the mission, including helping with the transportation of the teachers to teach modules in various places since the school cannot open the dorms during the global pandemic presently.

We thank you all for considering coming alongside our partners for both support and for projects such as these. May God's kingdom grow, even as our partners use all ways to reach out to their neighbours. Praise the Lord that your labour is bearing fruit in the Lord's vineyard.

posted September 21, 2020
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