David Robbins reflects on his recent travels in Asia

For 58 days, I was away from my wife Marilyn. I took 6 international flights and 17 domestic flights. As the Apostle Paul would ask at times, I thought, "Am I a fool?" Then with Paul I would reply, "Yes, I am a fool for Christ's sake!"

The Lord has opened the door to Indonesia, a nation of 250 million people. We have (future) the opportunity to teach and preach. We held (past) seminars and connected with the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Indonesia with the goal of empowering the Indonesian missionaries and leaders. Pastor Gunar, who has a dynamic country-wide influence, had invited us to come for Leadership Seminars each of the past three years. He states, “We have the same heart. Advancing Indigenous Missions is precisely on the track that we are.”

Over in the Philippines, we held a seminar on having a childlike faith. Can you imagine the impact of childlike faith on the 100 million Filipinos that live in this country? Dr. Joy Tira has left no stone unturned, arranging a whirlwind speaking tour to include four seminaries, one Christian University, Sunday services, and key leadership in the business world.

Towards India we shared the Gospel in several parts of North India. In early April, 90 delegates gathered for the 4-day Leadership Seminar for leaders from Muslim backgrounds. They are so humble and competent, reaching their home villages and surrounding villages with evangelistic teams numbering two to ten members.

Do you know why I am so delighted to be a fool for Christ's sake? I walked beside spiritual, holy indigenous leaders and missionaries during my travels. They are so thrilled that AIM and you, our precious support and stewardship team, have sent us! They love our vision so much that many clamour to join our staff. They urge us to return for a week each year. Those who attend the Leadership Seminars line up to invite us to their areas for similar conferences soon, immediately if possible.

Dr. David Robbins traveled to work with our partner indigenous leaders in South- and Southeast Asia from mid-February to mid-April. If you are interested in receiving the detailed compiled reports of his ministry travels (approximately 10 pages), please do not hesitate to contact our office to request your copy.

posted on June 23, 2017
Advancing Indigenous Missions 2017