By Brother K

"Most people here don't have enough English for us to have a conversation with them, but it would be really wonderful if God would open the door for an opportunity to share the gospel with someone here." I was so blessed to hear the heart of one of my team members as we traveled in remote parts of India were very few speak English. He could see how the vast millions in these regions still have not yet had the opportunity to hear of eternal life in Christ. He vocalized his desire that we have an opportunity to share with at least one.

Our primary purpose in visiting these remote places in Asia is to build up our brothers and sisters in Christ for the ministry to which Christ has called them. We, however, are thankful for opportunities to share Christ with those whom God brings along our path.

So we prayed.

Two days later we were preparing to for a long day journey and went to grab a quick breakfast in the hotel restaurant. We needed to eat quickly in order that we could get on the road early. The servers seemed to be ignoring us while they attended to other matters. Our breakfast was delayed longer than we planned. While we waited, a young man, fluent in English, approached us at our table and asked if he could join us. We replied, "of course".

He began to pour out his heart and share his many thoughts and questions. Of course we could not address every question he had, but we had the opportunity to share with him the glorious hope of eternal life in Jesus Christ. We exchanged contact information and look forward to ongoing communication with this young man.

Our breakfast didn't go as we expected or planned. But, it was an answer to prayer and it went according to the will of God. And, for that, we are thankful!

posted on November 28, 2018
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