By Dr. D. Robbins

Dear Friends,

How wonderful that you are walking with us by prayer! Thank you! I am in the midst of the very best part our work at Advancing Indigenous Missions. The open doors that Jesus is continuing to invite us through are thrilling. Incidentally the December Matching Gift campaign had many generously respond with $30,010, resulting in our General Fund and Leadership Seminar Fund receiving an injection of $60,010 to finish the year. This support enables us to invite indigenous missionary delegates who could not provide their own costs. Praise the Lord!

The first leg of my travels had me with my team in the Philippines. Pastor Daniel, AIM Partner with an Islamic background, shared as a world class speaker in preparing the Body of Christ to wisely reach Muslims anywhere. The nearly 300 delegates included many missionaries, pastors and young people who are targeting, ministering and reaching Muslims. Their reports and breakthroughs are riveting. Our entire leadership team was thrilled to know that momentum is gaining in so many ways. AIM is overwhelmingly welcome to return, projected for March 2020. Filipinos exemplify adaptability and burden for church planting.

Being in Indonesia again was like being back with family. Many of you met Pastor Gunar Sahari at the Leadership Suppers in Manitoba last fall. Pastor Gunar leads a Seminary with 140 students. We had an overwhelming reception from the students, teachers and missionaries that are at the Leadership Seminars. They are so welcoming, eager and receptive.

Pastor Gunar is a recognized leader, carrying the vision of reaching this nation with the Gospel. His fast growing seminary is fashioned to reach to the corners and the unreached peoples of Indonesia. Pastor Gunar flies extensively, encouraging the missionaries through personal visits and seminars. He looks upon Advancing Indigenous Missions as a key partner in carrying out his vision for his country. The objective of Advancing Indigenous Missions is to provide pastoring to the Indigenous Leaders and their missionaries. The book of Daniel has been my primary text to speak from on this trip. "He was given authority, honor, and sovereignty over all the nations of the world, so that people of every race and nation and language would obey Him. His rule is eternal it will never end. His kingdom will never be destroyed" (Daniel 7:14). This teaches precisely why we are focused on reaching the unreached people groups. Indonesians are reaching Indonesia. They are the perfect messengers. They are citizens who fit economically. Adjusting to the climate is second nature. The mores and the cultures are known. The pressure points of each area are commonly understood.

Crescendo is the right word. The missionaries and students are so incredibly receptive and responsive.

We are now in India. The final leg of this ministry tour is underway with Leadership Seminars and many opportunities to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ. You cannot imagine how grateful we are for your fervent, unusual, fervent prayer. Marilyn and I love hearing: "Brother David, I prayed for you every day while you were away!" when I return.

March 8, 2019
Advancing Indigenous Missions 2019