Canada Visit - Sept 28-Oct 25, 2016

Bio: Rev. Daniel Shayan is a former Muslim from the Aga Khan community of the Shiite sect of Islam. He was born in Pakistan and brought up in India in a most fanatic Islamic society. Before becoming a Christian he was a student in a Shiite Muslim institute in India where he was training to become an Islamic Priest. 

He was attracted by the uniqueness of Jesus Christ in the Quran and the Shiite traditions of Islam. Islamic leaders strictly forbade reading of the books of the Jews and Christians. Yet he determined to discover who the real Jesus is as revealed in the Bible. It was during his secret study of the Bible that the Holy Spirit led him into the saving knowledge of Christ on June 27th, 1977.

Later he attended Bible Seminary and following his graduation he moved to Nagaland, a majority Christian state in Northeast India. He served as a lecturer in several Bible Colleges and served as Pastor in two Churches in Nagaland. In the year 1995, the Holy Spirit directed him to reach Muslims throughout India with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the founding director of “Gospel for Children of Ishmael” an organization committed to reach Muslims in India and her neighbouring countries.

Rev. Shayan is a visionary leader, an apologist, and a teacher. He is also one of the facilitators for Haggai Institute to teach on Islam and how to reach out Muslims for Jesus. Please contact our office to arrange to connect with Pastor Daniel Shayan.

updated on October 4, 2016
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