May 2021 Covid-19 Relief

Dear Friends,

You are likely aware of the current Coronavirus crisis in India. One of our partners in central India shared with us this morning that about 100 pastors are said to have died from the virus in just two states of the country (India has 29 states). The media is currently reporting 350,000 plus confirmed cases each day.

In addition to the health challenge of the virus, the lockdowns now are particularly challenging. Pastor U.C. tells us that they are suffering a lot. There is a food crisis. He, his family, and the orphans living in their home are all only eating one meal per day. One pastor has sold his cow in order to have enough funds to buy food to feed their family. Another sold his motorcycle.

In Bangladesh and Nepal lockdowns have also recently been imposed and are currently in place until mid-May. Salim in Bangladesh has said this current lockdown is more difficult than the first because they used whatever little savings they had to endure the first lockdown. He has said the situation is devastating.

Friends, you have demonstrated so much generosity over this past year. You have given nearly $140,000 to provide relief to those suffering as a result of the restrictions. We would like to respond promptly to this current situation to help our brothers and sisters in this crisis.

Would you pray about this situation and consider helping us provide urgently needed relief? We would like to send $50,000 this month divided between 12 missions in India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Thank you for your love and your concern for our brothers and sisters in great need.


Dr. David Robbins
Founder (1999)/President

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COVID-19 Relief
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updated May 4, 2021
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