An Interview with Peter Friesen

The interest that Peter and Kathy Friesen have taken in our indigenous leaders has inspired our office team. They have gone to great lengths to connect particularly with Pastor Lian and Daisy when they visit Manitoba. As you will read below, they even camped out on the yard of their daughter and son-in-law so they could connect with them while they had the opportunity. We have shared in previous newsletters an encouragement for you all to prioritize spending time with our indigenous leaders while they visit us in Canada. Our prayer is that Peter and Kathy's passion would be an inspiration to you.

Q: How did you first learn about AIM and the ministry of Pastor Lian and Daisy in particular?

A: I think we first came into contact with AIM in Stuartburn while visiting our children who live and worship there. Lian and Daisy were there to share about what God was doing through their ministry.

Q: You have sought to come alongside Pastor Lian and Daisy to encourage and bless them -- why is that meaningful to you and your wife?

A: I guess because I look at a priority of needs. When people donít have the Scripture that they can read, then I see a great need for that. I feel a tug on my heart for ministry to people who are underprivileged.

Q: What is it about Pastor Lian and Daisy, and some of the other indigenous leaders that you have met through AIM, that has encouraged you in particular?

A: Itís the dedication that they have for their work as leaders, to go as missionaries and to do teaching and training. Whereas we here in Canada [we are devoted to] a lot of extracurricular activities and sports and money -- in my view they demonstrate devotion to the ministry.

Q: Youíve spent quite a bit of time with Lian and Daisy on their visits. I understand that when they were in town last time, you even stayed in a camper on the yard of their hosts just so you had more time to spend with them. Why is this so meaningful to you?

A: I guess it is their heart for missions. We work in our churches here as well. But I feel there is a greater need in some of those countries. So I feel that it is necessary to encourage and to pray for leaders like them.

Q: How have you been able to minister to Pastor Lian and Daisy during their time in Canada?

A: Well, Lian was complaining of headaches and so I gave him something to put around his neck. And I told him that he needed to be careful that he doesn't burn out. Some people are trying to do too much. They need to work smarter, I guess. At the same time you acknowledge that you appreciate people who are willing to work hard for the kingdom. But I think you need a little bit of a balance.

Q: Finally, is there anything that is particularly insightful as you have connected with Pastor Lian and Daisy during their visits here?

A: One night we were at an open house for them. And whenever a new person came into the house, Lian would dismiss his conversation, saying he wanted to meet another person. I think he is very gifted in being open for people like that. And that struck me as a very good gift in ministry -- to be so excited about meeting people and remembering their names and having an interest in them. People will gravitate to someone who cares about them.

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