By Bill Poehler

Christmas offers a surprisingly open door to the Gospel around the world--even in places otherwise hostile to Christians. People are interested not only in the festive aspects of the holiday, but in hearing what it is really about--the birth of Christ our Saviour. AIM partners look forward to Christmastime by planning extensive outreaches to villages, tribal people and others who have not heard the Christmas gospel story.

Pastor Ebinazer and his team will visit fourteen villages in central India in December. They plan to sing Christmas songs, preach the Gospel, and hand out tracts. They will also share a Christmas cake in each village and give candy to the children. Pastor Ebinazer asks for prayer for these events, that people's hearts will be changed and they will come to know Christ.

In south Asia, Pastor Lian also takes full advantage of the Christmas season by preaching in many areas of his country. "We will have open-air outreach ministry where we will invite people to come together, and we will prepare food. We will present Bibles to people who come to us. This has been extremely effective," says Pastor Lian.

Pastor Kirit is planning to hold 5 meetings this year in village areas where there is keen interest to know about the Christmas message. The light snacks which will be provided are additional incentive for the villagers to come. Between 200 and 400 are expected to attend each of these evening events.

Please pray for these and many other outreach efforts, that the Lord would use their preaching and giving of Bibles to bring people to Christ as they hear the Christmas story.

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December 6, 2019
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