An interview with Pastor Madan by Lin Arceo

It is amazing how God placed in the heart of Paul to preach the Gospel where Christ was not known. God still places this ambition in many men and women across the nations. One of them is Pastor Madan, whose vision is to reach the 15,000 villages of his state by 2030.

This state is located in North India. In his latest newsletter, Pastor Madan asks for prayers because they are experiencing increased persecution. But in spite of the hostility, they are praying for seven new missionaries to be sent out this year.

The first of the seven new missionaries, Pastor Shaneep and family, are ready to go to minister among unreached people. Please pray for them as they will face many challenges in planting a new church.

I recently discussed with Pastor Madan about missionary work in their region.

Q: What are the challenges that a missionary will face as he begins ministry in a new village in India?

A: There are so many challenges to reaching the unreached people groups. The main problem is untouchability. Most people are Hindus and they have four main categories in their castes or levels of society. The top level are the Hindu Brahmin, and then there are the Rajputs. The third level is businessmen and fourth are down-trodden people who are living in lower subcategories. In public, the upper caste does not want to sit together with the low caste.

The low caste is ignored by society. Their problems include little or no good education, poor social status, and poor economic conditions. Most Christian believers have come from a low caste.

There is also a gender problem. Most men are not able to have a conversation with women. In order to talk with them, they need to get permission from their father or husband. This makes it very hard to share the Good News among them. There is a difficulty as well in reaching the remote villages. Many settlements are very far from the main roads and there is little facility for transportation. Some of the villages are situated in the middle of jungle habitats. It is a very big challenge to reach them and share the Good News among them.

Q: What is the daily routine of a missionary?

A: Our daily routine will be something like this, depending on where we live: we get up early and spend time with God personally. After we finish the necessary work, we go to visit the villages. We take our meal and visit the families one by one. We try to build a friendship with them. Around 5 PM we come home. This gives time in the evening for family, devotion and praying for the ministry field people and new souls.

Q: What are the top three daily needs of a missionary reaching the unreached?

A: These daily needs are a challenge for most missionaries: 1) mode of transport (bicycle or motorbike), 2) adequate clothing and a place to live with healthy food for the family, and 3) enough money to cover family life and education of the children.

Q: What inspires them to go in spite of the many challenges?

A: The Word of God says the fields are plenty but labourers are few. Therefore, it is our burden to reach the unreached people groups because there are hundreds of souls who are going to hell. It is our duty to preach to them the good news of the Lord. Hundreds of people are dying without the love of Christ. We feel the burden to reach them and show them the path of salvation.

Mostly the persons who are in the dark have no heart and no ear to listen to the word of God. They hardly stop long enough to receive the Good News. So it is a very difficult challenge to share the good news and motivate them to listen and receive it.

God gave the burden to Pastor Madan and his team where very few have ever heard the gospel. But they cannot do it alone. Will you consider partnering with them and encouraging them with support for their vision of sending seven missionary couples? Praise the Lord for the opportunity to be part of the Great Commission.

"It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not be building on someone else's foundation." Romans 15:20

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posted February 24, 2020
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