by Bruce Peters and Keith Peters

Madan Singh Rana was enrolled as a student at CARWE Bible School in the 1980s. His Hindu parents were having discipline issues with him at home and sent him to this school. Little did they know that God would use this school to reveal Himself to him and prepare him for leadership in the church. Madan, a Tharu, was one of the first believers among his people group and today is leading a church planting movement seeing many come to the Lord. There are more than 25,000 who now find their identity in Christ among the Tharu.

Many of the leaders that AIM partners with in Asia have been trained in schools like CARWE Bible School. In order to lead an effective and faithful church planting work, appropriate training is necessary. This is why Advancing Indigenous Missions has made partnership with missionary training schools one of the particular foci of our ministry.

Our partners consistently talk about the need to send well trained pastors and missionaries into the ripe harvest fields around them. The challenge they face, however, is keeping a school running.

Operating a Bible School is no small venture. Even in North America most Bible Schools face the perennial financial challenge of keeping the doors open. Tuition fees only account for a portion of the actual cost of education. Remaining amounts are raised from generous friends and through various fundraising events. Additionally, the need for faithful intercessors is a critical requirement for all Bible Schools. Spiritual challenges are many.

Partnership is key for these schools to thrive. What would the Bible Schools you know here in Canada do without the many generous and faithful praying friends who make their ministry possible? Our partners have the same needs.

The Biblical concept of believers sharing what God has provided is a necessary aspect of how the Lord carries out His work in the world. This principle is outlined in 2 Corinthians chapters 8 and 9. Believers are urged to help churches in other places in order that there be equality as one had abundance and one lacked. Our partner Bible Schools in Asia need friends to come alongside them in order for them to address some of the issues they face.

CARWE Bible School in Northern India was recently reopened with a renovated facility: financial support is necessary for this school to continue training leaders among the Tharu people. Calcutta Bible College in West Bengal, India has seen an increased Bengali student body which is cause for praise. Finances, however, are needed to maintain operations. Issues on the campus are in need of prayer as well. Judson Bible College recently received a miracle from the Lord in resourcing a new building. This enabled an expansion of the student numbers from 12 to 57 in 4 years. Students are now paying more tuition, but financial help is needed with the increases in food costs due to unusual flooding in agricultural areas in the last two years. Joel Faith Bible School is in need of a teacher/administrator to function again. A beautiful facility is vacant in this Nepal school and resources are needed for the operating budget. Faith Bible School in Bangladesh did not open this year due to very limited financial support. These are critical times for these schools.

Each of these schools require faithful partners so that they continue to train many other leaders like Madan. Can you take on at least one of these schools in regular prayer? Can you give as God prompts? Some of these schools are praying for our churches in Canada as we bring different pastors and individuals to share in the ministry there. We are sharing in each otherís ministries, an interdependent global Body, as Christ envisioned it and as Paul and others taught in the New Testament.

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updated on December 20, 2016
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