Our partner in Bangladesh believers that by investing in training missionaries that you are making a 50 year investment in missionary work. Picture this: help support a 20 year old young believer eager to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with their countrymen and you prepare them for a lifetime of service in their nation!

Would you help us to help prepare many young people for missionary work? Below are a list of indigenous Bible Schools that we are partnering with that are in need of resources to continuing training missionaries:

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Donate: JBC in Southeast Asia
This Bible School led by Pastor Lian and Daisy is in urgent need of help to cover their operating needs (about $40,000). Higher food prices due to flooding this year have stretched their already small budget.

Donate: CHTI in North India
It has been exciting to see this school reopen with a completely renovated facility. Click here to help sponsor students to prepare for missionary work here. About $30,000 is needed for 2017.

Donate: FBS in Bangladesh
Since 2001, graduates of this school have been involved in about 200 new church plants. Praise the Lord. About $24,000 is needed to help them reopen for 2017.

About: Indigenous Bible Schools
How is AIM working to help train missionaries to go out in to the ripe harvest fields? Click here to read an article about coming alongside indigenous Bible Schools.

Advancing Indigenous Missions 2016