Articles & News - 2020

How Our Partners Are Faring Through Covid
What have you been hearing about COVID-19 and the impact of this pandemic? Mainstream media reports very little about how people in Asia are faring.Click here to read more.

Dessert Evenings - Oct 2 & 3
AIM will be hosting two Dessert Evenings in Manitoba to share more about the impact of Covid-19 on our partners. Click here to learn more...

An Unsettled Time
Click here to read Dr. David Robbins' reflections on the marks of the ministry from 2 Corinthians is evidenced in the the current experience of believers in Asia

Masks and the Gospel
AIM Partner, brother Louis, shares a testimony of how mask distribution offered a wonderful opportunity to share the life-saving message of the Gospel

Impact of Vehicles in Ministry
Brother Bruce shares about how motorcycles and vehicles have given our partners valuable tools to carry out their ministry in remote regions of Asia.

Somehow the daily news and the Good News exist as diametrical opposites. As the leader of AIM since 1999, my 21 years of journeys have led me beyond... Click here to read more.

Be 1 of Fifty Campaign
AIM is praying for 50 friends to partner with us in strengthening our work. Click here to read about how you can be 1 of the Fifty.

Healed of Leprosy
Three-year-old Naaman was dying of chicken pox. He also had leprosy as he lay wrapped in a large banana leaf in his mother's arms. ... Click here to read Naaman's extraordinary story.

Challenges of Church Planting
Lin Arceo asks AIM Partner, Pastor Madan, about some of the challenges church planting missionaries face on a daily basis in remote parts of India.

JBC Graduation
Brother Bruce shares about his experience at the recent graduation of JBC in Southeast Asia and one of the stories of how God is using one of the graduates.
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