Articles & News - 2019

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Generous friends of AIM have committed to match donations to help us with our urgent year-end need. Your donation will be matached dollar for dollar up to $35,000. Click here to have your donation doubled!

Testimony of Pastor U.C.
Click here to read a summary of the encouraging and challenging testimony of Pastor U.C. who recently visited us here in Canada.

Effective Stewardship
AIM President, Dr. David Robbins, recommends a pattern of partnership to come alongside indigenous mission leaders reaching the unreached peoples.

Leadership Seminars
Two AIM teams traveled to Asia this fall to conduct 5 Leadership Seminars. Click here to read a reflection from the team which conducted 2 conferences in India.

Connecting with Indigenous Leaders
Peter and Kathy's interest in connecting with our indigenous leaders has inspired our office team. Click here to read an interview with Peter about why they make this a priority.

An Interview with Pastor Lian
Pastor Lian was in Manitoba in September and we sat down with him to ask him a few question about his ministry. Click here to read more...

What is the Cost?
Have you ever wondered what it costs to support an indigenous missionary? Dr. David Robbins explains here that the answer is not entirely simple but discusses how AIM approaches it.

Live Streaming Ministry
"Recently, I was asked to consider teaching overseas via live-streaming over the internet. That simple request opened a new world of ministry. Click here to read more from Dr. Grant Richison.

The Farmhouse Refuge
Nearby Daniel's mission centre is a house where families facing intense persecution can gain temporary shelter as they desperately hang on to their new Christian faith. Click here to read more...

Upcoming Leadership Seminar Ministry
Over the next 6 months we are planning to hold 29 Leadership Seminars throughout Asia. Our goal is to raise $110,000. Click here to read how you can be involved.

Alf Bell: A Tribute
Alf Bell was a man of blessings. He loved to bless indigenous leaders profusely. During his four AIM ministry trips to India, he left a blessing everywhere he went. Click here to read more.

The Loss of a Banyan Tree
When Pastor Swapon Bose passed away, one of his close relatives and staff wrote to me and said, "We lost our guardian. He was like a banyan tree."

Idol Worship
If you have the opportunity to visit Nepal and walk around Kathmandu, the capital, you will see countless temples and idols. Click here to read more...

Visit of Pastor Lian
Pastor Lian is coming to Manitoba for a short visit in September, primarily to share with us at our Leadership Seminar Suppers on September 28th and 29th. Click here to read more about his visit.

Open Doors in Nepal
For several decades Nepal clamped down hard on the activities of believers. In recent years, the Church has experienced much greater freedoms. Click here to read more...

Gulang's Story
In 1971, I became the 7th child in my Muslim family. I was not active in the prayer times and other religious practices and I became a bad Muslim. Click here to read how Christ transformed Gulang.

Bibles: 20th Anniversary Project
At the 20th Anniversary Celebration evening we spearheaded a project for this calendar year. AIM is seeking to raise $20,000 in 2019 in order to provide our partners with Bibles. Click here to learn more.

AIR Miles
AIM has recently opened an AIR Miles account in order to help us reduce some of our travel costs. You can help us collect AIR Miles by providing our number whenever you make a purchase. Click here to learn more.

A Man On A Mission
Click here to read a tribute to Baird Judson, a mission advocate and friend. He served as a volunteer connecting churches and individuals to Advancing Indigenous Mission on PEI.

Testimony of Pastor Kachan
Kachan was born into a family of slaves. His family had debts they could not pay. Read Kachan's testimony of how he received his ulitimate freedom purchased by Christ.

20th Anniversary of AIM
We will be celebrating 20 years of Advancing Indigenous Missions on May 9, 2019. All are welcome! Click here to read more.

Indonesia or Bust
Cathy Wootton is a volunteer with AIM serving overseas with her husband, Dave. Click here to read several humorous and insightful thoughts from her journal. Enjoy reading!

An Update from Dr. Robbins' Travel Journal
Dr. Robbins is currently traveling on a 9-week tour in Asia. He began in the Philippines, then spent 3 weeks in Indonesia and is now in India for 4 weeks. Click here to read an update...
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