Feb 27, 2008: David Robbins phoned us at the AIM Mission Center earlier this morning. Having recuperated from a brief two-day flu bug, he is definitely feeling energetic once again and informs us that everything is going well. Tomorrow morning he and Monoj Mohanty, who was here in Canada last fall, are going on a five-day, 1,200 km trip from Delhi toward Nepal.

On this trip, David and Monoj will make arrangements for the October 2008 Leadership Training Seminars. David Robbins, Al Friesen, Travis Thiessen, and possibly others will be teaching on family life and mission. Monoj is also taking David to see the two churches – both about half built – that have been recently funded by AIM supporters. (If you would like more information on this trip, please feel free to visit our website or contact us.)

The Tharu people, one of the main people groups that Monoj and David will be visiting, live mostly in Nepal (700,000) and in North India (300,000). Pray that the Holy Spirit will open the missionaries’ eyes to see the vision that God has for the Tharu people. They are a marginalized people group, and are encouraged when they find out that there are people in Canada who care about their livelihood, and who love them enough to visit and pray for them.

It is exciting to hear that several mission leaders are planning to visit us in Canada this year. Philemon and Elishiba Chhetri plan to be here for two weeks in June, and Santosh and Shimona Thomas plan on coming for two weeks in September/October. We look forward to having them here!

posted Winter 2008
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