AIM is pleased to announce that as of April 15, Keith Peters is working as the missionís full-time administrator. This is a huge step for AIM, as we have not previously had fulltime administrative staff. Having someone at the office on a regular basis is essential in order for us to be able to move forward with our work. Keith began as a volunteer in the fall of 2007 and then worked as part-time administrator while he finished his university degree.

Keith grew into his call to missions. In 2000, he went to Columbia on a short-term mission trip with YWAM, where he discovered what a blessing it is to connect with people from another culture. The following year he spent three weeks in West Africa, also with YWAM, and was invited back by the team to spend another two years there. It was during this time in West Africa that his heart to serve God in full-time ministry really grew.

Besides having just completed his four-year BA in International Development Studies at the University of Winnipeg, Keith Peters comes with practical experience. While in West Africa, he was responsible for overseeing one of the main projects that the mission ran. Keith feels that his degree has greatly helped to familiarize him with issues in the developing world, where AIM primarily works. Keith hopes to help AIM fulfill its mission of linking Canadian churches to indigenous missions. These relationships take time but are extremely beneficial in terms of mutual encouragement and support. Keith and his wife, Lorilee are expecting their first child in May, 2008.

posted Summer 2008
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