by Dr. David Robbins

On my recent tour of Asia, I spent 10 days in South Asia. Advancing Indigenous Missions was birthed here in 2001 when a Leadership Seminar (LS) was conducted in the capital. Pastor Swapon had started the Faith Bible Center (FBC) just a few years earlier.

Swapon had completed over two decades of effective church-planting partnerships with the Swedish Baptists among the tribes of this country. Then the Lord called him to change directions completely. The Spirit of God laid it on his heart to begin church planting among the majority people.

Fellow pastors close to Swapon were horrified. "No one will support you. None of the people will respond to the Gospel. Don't be so foolish. Your life will be in constant danger. They will kill you."

However Swapon knew that the Lord had called him to lead a new mission with the focus of planting churches among the majority people.

Keith Peters, John Crozier and I traveled to the northwest part of the country for the Annual FBC Staff Retreat with 86 church pastors and planters. During the 4 days of LS due deliberation concluded that the 200 churches (a minimum of 20 believers is considered a church) that have been planted will increase with the planting of 40 new churches in the next 12 months. Sister Rachel immediately spoke with the conviction that 40 are not enough. This country will not be reached with only 40 churches being planted each year.

Over 100 churches have been planted among the majority people. They are coming to faith in Christ and reaching their own villages.

Would you like to be a part of this church planting movement? Would you like to mobilize prayer and partner with this ministry? Commonly a missionary will plant several churches in just a few years with support from a prayer team and about $150/month. Many are planting churches without the necessary linking to Canadian connections. Will you volunteer to reach these people promptly with ideal messengers? See Romans 10:14, 15. Would you pray about joining this church planting movement by providing one-third, two-thirds or full support for a missionary family?

posted on April 18, 2018
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