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Testimony of Pastor Kachan
Kachan was born into a family of slaves. His family had debts they could not pay. Read Kachan's testimony of how he received his ulitimate freedom purchased by Christ.

20th Anniversary of AIM
We will be celebrating 20 years of Advancing Indigenous Missions on May 9, 2019. All are welcome! Click here to read more.

Indonesia or Bust
Cathy Wootton is a volunteer with AIM serving overseas with her husband, Dave. Click here to read several humorous and insightful thoughts from her journal. Enjoy reading!

An Update from Dr. Robbins' Travel Journal
Dr. Robbins is currently traveling on a 9-week tour in Asia. He began in the Philippines, then spent 3 weeks in Indonesia and is now in India for 4 weeks. Click here to read an update...

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