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Report: India Leadership Seminar
Click here to read a brief report from our Nov 2018 Leadership Seminars in India.

Report: Southeast Asia Leadership Seminar
A few reflections from the three Leadership Seminars in Southeast Asia in November.

Becoming Poor to Become Christians
"Jesus embodied poverty. Christmas is about the call of Christ to each of us to become poor." Read more from Dr. David Robbins' Christmas letter...

Planting Bricks
Lian and Daisy, and AIM, are praising the Lord for this place where the current crop of 79 students is studying. Click here to read more about the Lord's provision for this school...

Pastor Daniel's Intensive Bible School
The Bible School is necessary for grounding new believers in the Word and preparing them for ministry to their Muslim neighbours and friends. Click here to read more...

Evangelism: Responding to God's Kindness
"Most people speak enough English for us to have a conversation with them, but it would be wonderful to have an opportunity to share the gospel with someone." Click here to read more...

Advancing Indigenous Missions 2018