Never Say Die
The story of David Yone Mo and the Myanmar Young Crusaders. How incredible that former drug addicts & gangsters now serve as missionaries! Never Say Die is the story of David Yone Mo's transformation from being a reckless gangster to one of the country's most outstanding indigenous missionary leaders. This stirring account is a prime example to explain how God is calling and using the indigenous Christians in many parts of the world to build His church.
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The Children of Ishmael
A collection of eight testimonies of Muslims who have come to put their faith in Jesus Christ. These stories are informative and inspiring. These stories are an encouragement for Christians to know that there are many Muslims who will yet believe in Christ among the children of Ishmael.
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Voices in the Wilderness
Voices is a revised collection of 100 uplifting stories from God's people around the world. Many of these stories are the fascinating personal testimonies of the indigenous missionaries we, and our sister agency ANM, serve. We guarantee that these stories will stir your heart to pray, challenge your spirit to adopt a higher standard of Christian living, and move your soul to glorify God!
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Certainty: A Place to Stand
Written by our staff member, Dr. Grant Richison, Certainty is a critique of the forms of the emergent church which reject certainty of truth. The foundation of Christian ministry is based on the truth of Scripture. Throughout the whole Bible, truth is the key concept. It seems, however, that people tend to have trouble recognizing the truth. In terms of mission work, there is no alternative to the truth.
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The Muslim Next Door
A practical training guide for evangelism and discipleship with theological and apologetical answers to some of the most common questions asked by Muslims. Dr. Alfonse Javed was born and raised in Pakistan, and received his formal education in Pakistan. He was saved as a result of his family's miraculous deliverance from an intense wave of persecution. In 2003, he planted a church in Greece among Indians and Pakistanis. The church continues to grow.
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Not the Same God
Is the Qur'anic Allah the Lord God of the Bible? Many today are confused about this question. Claims of "sameness" melt away when brought under scrutiny of true doctrine of the Scriptures.
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Diaspora Portraits
(82 pages)
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Scattered and Gathered
This volume analyses the development of missions to the migrants and develops an understanding of the contemporary church's opportunities and responsibility vis-�- vis Diaspora Missiology: "a missiological framework for understanding and participating in God's redemptive mission among peoples living outside their places of origin".
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