Shubash is a missionary who serves in his remote village in Bangladesh. Shortly after he came to Christ two years ago he spent a year at a missionary training school run by AIM's partner indigenous mission. He and his family have been commissioned to plant churches in their home region where the Gospel has never before been taken. God is at work and they are beginning to see the first fruits of their labours among their unreached neighbours.

Shubash is delighted with his task but also
faces many challenges in the ministry. Many of the villagers demonstrate consistent opposition to the Gospel message by chasing him from their towns and accusing him of betrayal to their traditional religion. Shubash's isolation takes a toll on him and his family as they infrequently connect with their nearest co-worker in the ministry who lives 5 km away. The riches of the Scriptures are a delight to Shubash but he has few opportunities to receive further Bible teaching which he longs to bring to the mission field.

Shubash's ministry challenges are not unique. Many indigenous missionaries face similar hardships despite the tremendous open door before them.

In consultation with indigenous mission leaders, AIM coordinates
Leadership Seminars as opportunities to address the needs of indigenous missionaries such as Shubash. Delegates are invited to come together for several days of Fellowship, Encouragement, and Bible teaching.

In order to make Leadership Seminars accessible, AIM typically covers the costs of food, accommodation, and travel to and from the seminar location for each indigenous missionary. It costs about $45 per delegate to attend a 3-day AIM Leadership Seminar.

Leadership Seminars have a multiplying effect. Indigenous missionaries return to the field and share their encouragement and the teaching they receive with their villages and congregations.

updated December 20, 2016

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Our missionaries have very little training and also they go through very difficult times in the mission field. Leadership Seminars give us an opportunity to put our arms around their shoulders and encourage them while at the same time giving some much needed training.

       Georgey Varghese
       Director of New Life Ministries, India

Sponsor A Missionary
Send a Missionary to a Leadership Seminar
$45/Indigenous Missionary


We feel so blessed at the eagerness with which they receive the messages and workshops. How can we convey the beauty of their faith, the eagerness of their desire to learn and the warmth of their love?

       David & Cathy Wootton
       AIM Volunteer Seminar Speakers

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